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Format: sdsds
Cat No.: MR 874-447
Bar code: dsds
German Release: dsdsfjkghjk
Genre: dsdsdsdsd

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"Do you remember? You always sang me a song which your grandmother used to sing..."
The WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne conducted by Andreas Hempel, together with the vocal quartet Four For Four hope to answer this question with their recording "Evening Songs for voice and orchestra".
The idea to preserve evening songs and lullabies before they are forgotten, and to allow them to be newly discovered by children and adults originated in the WDR editorial department for “Bärenbuden“, an evening "good night magazine for young and old listeners". The completion of the first half of the songs and their broadcast on WDR was followed by a "wild concert“ for children and adults. It quickly became clear that more gems by Brahms, Mozart, Humperdinck, and Schubert (to name but a few) were needed, and that these should also be made available on CD.

For some there will be plenty to discover - for others it will be a lovely reminder of the past!
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