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P. Fessler & P. Weniger - two in one - the c

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Format: CD
Cat No.: MR874609
Bar code: 4260054556090
German Release: 03.11.2017
Genre: Jazz

Short Description

Nothing comes from fighting this way, Agora, Black orpheus, Wohlauf in Gottes schöne Welt, Lately, Corcovado, Apelo, Berimbau, Guten Abend, gute Nacht


Peter Fessler & Peter Weniger - two in one - the concert

Peter Fessler (voc/git) and Peter Weniger (sax) are two of the most accomplished and well-known jazz musicians of their generation. They have been playing their diverse music in projects as virtuoso instrumentalists and composers for more than two decades, meeting up with each other time and again along the way.

Now, finally, they are improvising together. Bold and daring to the last note, excitingly fresh, and original in experimentation – it's the new jazz chamber music. Every genre suits them perfectly, allowing them to juggle sounds with their proverbial mastery and to win you over with their creative force.
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