A Mistery Trip

”This is the most moving new album I’ve heard in some time!“

(Dave Saemann, Fanfare Magazine)

Zurich Jazz Orchestra & Steffen Schorn


“Best big band album of the year 2018!”

(All about jazz, Dec. 2018)

Paul Heller meets Roman Schwaller

“This music touches me deeply!
I can hear the brotherly passion.“

Jimmy Heath

New releases

Gisela Berndt & Band – “Nach Norden”

Gisela Berndt & Band – “Nach Norden”

“Come on, I’ll paint our colours for you on the wide walls of the house …” That’s a line from a song by Gisela Berndt, and that’s exactly what happens when this singer-songwriter from Cologne opens her lyrical paintbox for us. Gisela Berndt paints – with her lyrics and with her voice.

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Peter Hedrich – “New Hope”

Peter Hedrich – “New Hope”

A unique tribute to the great master Jiggs Whigham, played and expanded by Peter Hedrich, a rising star on the trombone. And appearing as guest of honour on three of the pieces – Jiggs Whigham himself. New Hope is a unique audio document from the 1970s dressed up in brand new clothes!

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