Zurich Jazz Orchestra & Steffen Schorn


“Best big band album of the year 2018!”

(All about jazz, Dec. 2018)



Though full of respect for the traditions and skills of their old master, REINBERG’s use of harmonica effects and synthesizers in their own compositions shows that their musical path is heading directly into the future!

Miriam Ast & Victor Gutierrez

Secret Songs

“They managed to bridge the gap between vibrant freshness and musical maturity“

Denis Gäbel


“An early candidate for any best-of 2018 list.“

Hans-Bernd Kittlaus (JazzPodium)

Peter Hedrich


“A unique tribute to the great master Jiggs Whigham, played and expanded by a rising star on the trombone.“

Paul Heller meets Roman Schwaller

“This music touches me deeply!
I can hear the brotherly passion.“

Jimmy Heath

New releases

Patrick Deltenre, Ivan Paduart – “Hand in Hand”

Patrick Deltenre, Ivan Paduart – “Hand in Hand”

Hand in Hand – an album title that contains two meanings. Firstly, it of course reflects the artists’ collaboration as a duo; two creative individuals pursuing a musical goal together. Secondly, it is the combination of two harmonic instruments; their sounds are interwoven in such a way that individuality is maintained, while at the same time, a genuine dialogue is created rather than simple musical duplication.

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