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“What a difference the day makes”

Experience the transformative magic of “What a Difference a Day Makes” in this live recording, where the delicate interplay of guitar, soulful vocals, and rhythmic percussion creates an unforgettable musical journey. Each note and beat weave a narrative of emotional shifts, capturing the essence of how a day can shape our lives. Join us for a unique performance that brings this timeless classic to life, showcasing the power of music to mirror the ebb and flow of our daily experiences.

“New York, Rio, Tokyo”

“Dive into the fusion of nostalgia and innovation with our rendition of the timeless pop classic, ‘New York, Rio, Tokyo.’ This cover, expertly crafted for guitar, vocal, and percussion, takes you on a sonic journey revisiting the iconic cities. Infusing the song with fresh arrangements and heartfelt vocals, our interpretation adds a contemporary twist while preserving the original charm. The guitar weaves a melodic tapestry, the vocals breathe new life into familiar lyrics, and percussion provides the heartbeat of this revamped classic. Immerse yourself in a reimagined experience that pays homage to the past while embracing the musical evolution of the present.“

„Where do you go, Brasil“

Explore the poignant journey of the ballad “Where do you go Brasil,” as the composer Peter Fessler delves into the complexities and concerns surrounding his cherished dream country, Brasil. Through melodic verses and emotive refrains, the ballad captures the artist’s heartfelt reflections on the challenges and uncertainties faced by this beloved nation. Join the composer on a musical odyssey that navigates the soul of Brasil, echoing both love and worry for the land of dreams.