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Tobias Altripp Trio – We Bring Some Horns - Inlay

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Paintbox celebrate the release of their second album “Alto”. Jonas Windscheid is the composer and guitarist of the Jazz-Quintet. His atmospheric music enchants with dense textures and surprising twists. With saxophonist Martin Gasser, Jakob Kühnemann on bass and drummer Oliver Rehmann, the band consists mainly of musicians from the Cologne scene. Hans Feigenwinter from Basel fills the piano part with his imaginative, sensitive playing. This extremely harmonious quintet lets Jonas Windscheid’s compositions emerge in wonderful dialogues and tells stories in a very flowing manner.

WET PAINT! (Focus track)

Freshly painted! Here come Paintbox – with splotches of paint on their clothes and a smile on their face. Guitar and saxophone soar to lofty heights and paint the sky-blue theme in the air. Wet paint! is about a precious mood: a new chapter begins and the work done pays off.

I make my way to my favorite cafe and think back one more time. Couldn’t everything have turned out very differently? – A cafe creme please!