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Paul Heller has proved that he can serve up classic and modern across a number of albums. And on the album Good Times, Paul Heller displays a new aspect; Good Times grooves like hell. The 10 original compositions really make you want to dance!

Paul Heller is a WDR Big Band saxophonist and the artistic director of his own concert series “Next Level Jazz” in Cologne. A true all-star line-up was invited into the Hansahaus Studio in Bonn for this energetic three and a half hour recording session that bubbles over with exuberant playing. He tailor-made nine compositions for the group as well as a bonus track recorded during an overdub session:

Jazz piano professor Olaf Polziehn from Graz, Metropole Orchestra guitarist Peter Thiehuis, NDR Big Band bassist Ingmar Heller, and world-class drummer Wolfgang Haffner.